T-Case Armor

I finally got around to doing this. I dropped the Sammy from a foot on the skid and took it off and replaced it with no damage what so ever and bolt holes still lined up well. I was thinking about putting some 1 1/2" ribs on several places but If nothing happened when I dropped it a foot on the weakest part I am questioning if I need to now. Although I can't drop it with any real speed. I'll probably add them tomorrow anyway.
This took all day. I had to go through the scrap bin, come up with a design based on available material and then make a bending fixture for my 40 ton press. The skid plate is made up of 1/4" steel and grade 10.9 12mm bolts. The block up front is through threaded and goes in between the hat channel cross member and bolts in from the top. The rear is through bolted to my Spidertrax Anti Wrap Kit upper support.
I didn't drill a hole for the drain plug because it is never coming out anyway. It is ground down to nothing.
The skid is not attached to the T-Case at all and there is about 3/8" of clearance between case and skid. So yea I lost about 5/8" of ground clearance.

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