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Stock steering damper won't work on Calmini drop pitman arm. Although one was some how mounted to the arm, the geometry was totally wrong. The travel was limited in one direction and the damper was at such an extreme angle that the end broke. I bought the Rancho bolt on kit and tried every possible mounting combination. The only one that worked was to have it mounted under the axle. This left it totally exposed and the lowest part of the car. I took it back. Here was my solution. The stock body mount was up high and out of the way. Agreed that having the damper closer to the wheel was a better place because there are less joints between the damper and the wheel. I just would rather have it more protected and this is where the factory put it to begin with so I felt that with some modifications this would be an OK place to leave it.

I bought a Monroe HD damper SC2941 from Napa was for the Zuk.
Best price found Amazon

Old broken damper

Chrome metric bolts and lock nuts are included now also. Note special cut down bolt that shank is supported by both tabs. This makes for a rattle free installation. You can use stock bolts too but the treaded end fits a bit loose in the tab.  Also available for RHD Sammy with the drop arm. Be sure to buy the correct one for your application.


These are showing fit on protype bracket. 
Compressed unmounted

Extended unmounted

Compressed Mounted

Extended Mounted

Lock to lock there is room left on the damper now and alignment is near perfect through out the travel.

1/4"" steel that bolts to arm, .923" C/C. mounting holes
3/16" thick tabs, 1.125" gap, .472" holes for 12mm bolt

Mounting Directions