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I got this 88.5 Samurai. It has been a tow vehicle most of it's life of 140000 miles. It is very clean and in near new condition. It had a white top, 3" lift, chrome wheels and stock bumpers when I got it. The engine had 40000 on it and they were most all towed. It was a 1300  with stock carb and now runs very well with 177 lbs compression.

Mods I have done.

Rebuilt carb
Built custom class 3 hitch
Built custom bracket for pitman arm and installed HD steering damper
Brake job
New cap, rotor, premium wires and plugs
Removed lower leaf on 3" Calmini SPUA lift kit. Left spring pack loose. Now has 20" articulation.
Removed sway bar
Removed F. bumper and cut off outside mounts
New Best Top Sunport from
Installed Lock Right in rear from

Installed Calmini 5.14 T-Case gears from

HD F. output shaft, and all new bearings and seals from Trail Gear
Installed HD T-Case Arms
Installed 22" brake lines and Speed Bleeders
Designed new bracket for HD Monroe steering damper to be used with Calmini 3" drop pitman arm and stock mounting location on frame.
New rear transmission mount
New U Joints on intermediate shaft
4 new 31x15 Interco Trxus M/Ts tires and rock crawler wheels 8" wide 4" BS from ORI
New F Bumper from ZOR

New 5500 lb winch on front and Superwinch 3000 on 2" receiver mount for rear and sides.
Breeze 5"x12" drop links installed.
Small on board compressor
GSXR Carburetors installed with velocity stacks and oval K&N's
Aluminum valve cover
I made rear upper shock mounts and mounted Skyjacker 8000 N8060 shocks on.
Took off the rear Calmini 3" SPUA setup. Installed stock rear SPOA on Spidertrax perches located in rear holes thus lengthening the rear 1".
Installed Trail Tough Mini Spool in rear.
Installed Spidertrax Anti Wrap Kit and trussed the rear.

Installed a Kick PS box on my Wedge mount with PSC pump.
Installed stock SPOA RUF using TT drop links with 3/4" lift shackles.
Made long travel upper shock mounts.
Installed Sky Full Hi Steer.
Made and installed an adjustable panhard bar. I have a drop Toy pitman arm I have to install but need new FJ80 end for my draglink first.
Installed front Sky Truss.
Put shorter shocks on rear a bit more out board. More work needed to be there.
New bump stop mounts for front and rear.
Made New U-Joint Tool for trail and shop use.
Made and installed new T-Case Armor
Installed rear Sky Truss.
Installed HD Calmini HD rear axles and 410 bearing retainers after breaking a stock one.
Stripped mini spool so put the LockRight back in.
Bought 4 new 33" x 10.50" BFG KM2's

Installed 4.30 gears front and rear.
Made a new rear bumper and tire mount.

Took out the Lock Right and made a cable actuated diff locker and installed it in the rear. Been over 6 months of R&D and it is working great! YouTube Vid

Special thanks to Tom and the crew at for their expert advice and leading me in the right direction. They truly are not out to just sell what they have but to make sure I make the right decisions.

Special thanks to Myron at Zuks Off Road. He has spent countless time with me and his support of all things Suzuki and to the Suzuki community.

Give both these companies a call. They have lots to offer.

I have learned so much from this site and all the nice people on it. They have all been very helpful for I knew nothing about these very capable cars before I got one. Now I am hooked on the crawling experience and am sure to start new projects in the future.

Picked it up, day one

And as it sets today. Well not really this clean anymore!
Sporting the new 33's

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