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The first 2 FSM's describe the single brake line to the rear axle and square dash. Printed in 87.
USA models didn't come out with the single brake line, square dash and .864 5th gear until 88.5 with a few exceptions being it was a transitional year.

It is my hope that you will be able to find the correct file to get based on your Body No. Some of these files were got from Suzukiinfo and other sites like ACKS FAQS, some Euro and Aus sites and some were from a CD that I bought on Ebay which were mostly files that I already had got from other online sources. LOL. Oh well, another bad Ebay purchase that was misrepresented. I did manage to get the "H" Manual on that disk too but who in their right mind would even open that up? Some 86-96 Samurai/Kick FSM which is what I thought I bought! Here it is anyway. It does have some things to offer.

I doubt that I will post up all the files I have but these are probably the most important ones to get you going.

Mega Upload got shut down so I am no longer offering these files but they can be had at Suzukiinfo.