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All prices are as of 2008 so they are not up to date!

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Minimum, about $768 plus carbs . No junk that needs to be replaced! You can save about 5 or 6% on the small stuff by doing the leg work yourself. 3% of it is PayPal.

I recommend using the low pressure electric pump and the filter with a bypass.
All prices do not include actual shipping charges. There is no handling charges.


Some things to note about my pricing. I am not making and am actually loosing money on the small parts, so I will let you all go to your local parts house and get them yourself. I can give you part numbers and where to get them yourself. Many have told me that my prices are too high based on what the Samurai Guy had priced. I could go on and on about his kit and the poor quality and missing parts of it. By the time you get the SG kit on you have added another $150 to the price of his kit. You still got a kit with many problems. He is no longer in business for a reason. Here is where I could go on and on for pages about. I have made great strides to make and suggest high quality parts for this.

There is a long winded thread on on all the issues from probably everyone who has ever bought one of his kits. I highly suggest that you take the time and read this whole thread from the start to finish. This is truly a high performance kit that could be put on any drag car with amazing results. I doubt that you could get much more out of this setup then how it is shipped to you. This is by far the most HP and RPM gain system available to my knowledge. I highly recommend a very good working knowledge of these carbs and the tuning tools to keep them in tune. Most of the posts are from people who have junk carbs and little tuning knowledge or even the tools. This is not for the faint of heart but also will double the HP of your 8v engine. A 16v intake is in the works too. The design is done. Now waiting for funds and time to make the proto.

I recommend using the 32mm 98-06 GSX600F Katana carbs for best flow and fit to the runners. These can be had on EBay from $25 to $100 a set. They better be in excellent shape if you pay $100 or more for them. Generally speaking they are about $50 to $75. I have found K&N filter to fit both of these carbs. 36mm 98-06 GSX750F Katana carbs will fit as well but the spacing is wider so the fit on the runners is not perfect but more than adequate. You will feel the difference in power though. Not sure on MPG yet with the 36's. The center 2 carbs are only about an extra 1/8" wider. There is some room to play with on the spacing being they are attached by rubber hoses which give some leeway. The runners can be adjusted to fit these and many other carbs. There is an up charge for this. There are many different carbs that can be used for this setup. If you buy GSXR carbs then be sure the spacing is not too wide and especially too narrow, not 38mm, and look for the other things mentioned below. I custom make the runner spacing based on the carbs that you get. Look for round flanges where the filters go onto and a throttle location that is in the middle of the carbs. Some side mounted throttle positions may work, it depends on the carbs, but will certainly need custom runner spacing for those. Ask to have a tape measure laid across both sides of the carbs and a picture sent. I make no guarantee on the fit of the carbs you get unless you send me pictures of the carbs with a tape measure laid across them. I can try to adjust the runners for the wider spaced carbs. Give me your picture and I we can talk about it. There are really endless types and manufacturers of carbs you could make work with this setup. It is just a matter of how much you want to do to make them work and figure out on your own. I am familiar with the carbs mentioned above and they work easily.

$45/hr    Shop Rate.

$768       Includes intake and cooling manifold with 2 90 deg. hoses to connect the two. Runner ID is 1", OD is 1.5" unless other porting options are expressed. The stock gasket is 1.183" ID. The head is 1.120". Porting of the head is recommended if runners are port matched to the gasket.

$50.00      Runners are bored to 1.120". Some head work is required to insure proper flow.
$112.40    Port matched intakes to the gasket. I will bore the runner ID to 1.160" and match ends to the factory gasket. Larger porting options are available upon request. I can make this setup fit the larger 38 and 40 mm carbs if you have the heads to support them. You will have to call me on that option. The reason I highly recommend this is that the gasket is a near perfect match to my stock intake. The bore size is larger on the gasket but the orientation is great. The gasket is far from being a match to the head. I even more recommend porting the head to match the gasket even with a stock manifold. I would port the head larger than the gasket. Move the gasket around with all the studs in, mark all the extreme points of the gasket on the head and grind a bit more. It is ok to have the head a bit larger than the gasket but not the other way around! Here is picture of the issue at hand.

This is the factory gasket to the head. This is a huge problem if you are trying to get any kind of performance out of any engine. Especially if the intake matches the gasket in this case. Which it does. The port size on the stock intake is the same as the head ports. There is well over .100" of concentricity loss here on number 4 cylinder. This is typical of all the ports, on this head anyway. As you can see they even vary from left to right and top to bottom., making it impossible to adjust the intake manifold and gasket to be a better fit.
This is with my intake and a spacer in the base plate that is the same size as the gasket mounted on my stock intake manifold . Notice the concentricity. An even .060" all the way around. It is the same on all the ports. A awesome fit and very rare I must say. There is a gasket under this base plate. You just can't see it. Now only if it matched the head like that which is more important.

$98.80      Send me your head and I will port match the intakes and the head to themselves and to the gasket. This is some very well spent money. This is a performance setup so why stop at just bolting on the power and not getting the most out of it?
Want to run bigger carbs than the 32's? I can adjust the runners for your custom spacing needs. POR.

$360         Cooling manifold upgrade for the Samurai Guy GSXR Wild Bore kit. Includes the 2 90 deg. hoses.


Prices listed below are prices at the time of this printing and could change. They are mostly for reference. Prices in red are the minimum recommended requirements. It depends on your fuel delivery system.

$14            90 Deg brass fitting for brake booster connection.
$9.50         Upper radiator hose.
$8              Modified barrel nut used to shorten your stock throttle cable.
$73.84        K&N Oval filters for 32 mm carbs
$73.84        K&N Oval filters for 36 mm carbs
$18            1.5" fuel safe hose to connect the carbs to the intakes.
$9.50          Fuel filter with bypass.
$50.96        Low pressure electric fuel pump.
$43.68        Holley low pressure regulator.
$3.20          3/8" MPT to 5/16" M hose fitting.
$10.95        3/8" MPT to 5/16" M 90 deg hose fitting.
$2.52          3/8" MPT plug for pressure regulator if you don't put a gauge on.
$2.40          3/8" MPT to 1/8" FIP bushing for gauge on pressure regulator.
$3.20          1/8" MIP to 1/8" FIP 90 deg fitting to locate gauge so you can see it better.
$15             Small fuel pressure gauge for inline or to auxiliary output on pressure regulator.
$22.88        Good quality choke cable.
$4.50          140 main jets. Large Round. 4 needed. This is a good starting point if your air jets are factory. Other sizes and types are available. 4 required. Also you may need 4 pilot jets that are bigger if you are at sea level. Leave the pilot airs alone.
$5.75          4x.7x10mm SS Socket Head Cap Screws for float bowls. 16 total.
$11.75        Float needles for 98 GSX600-750F Katana. Extremely rare find and limited availability.
$1.10          Float seat O Rings
$4.60          Paper intake gasket.
$12.50        Metal intake gasket
$2.10          Thermostat gasket.
$14.50        180 or 195 deg thermostat.
?????          5/16" fuel line/ft. length depending on where you mount your regulator
?????          3/8" vacuum line/ft. Less than 1 ft. needed if stock vacuum line is still in place.
$14.25        Pre-formed heater hose
$1.20          1.75" hose clamps 4 needed
$1.20          1.25" hose clamps 4 needed
$1.20          3/4" hose clamps
$1.20          5/8" hose clamps
?????          Special narrow hose clamps for carbs. 4 needed

$44.00        Calmini 3" drop pitman arm bracket to fit HD steering damper for stock body mounting location.  
$80             Drop Pitman arm bracket with HD damper
$22             U-Joint tool

$15            10.9 bolts and Nord-Lock washers for Sky OTT arms

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