Gecko Cycles U-Joint Tool

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How I have found the easiest way to remove the U-Joint is to:


1.       First remove all the snap rings that keep the cups in place.

2.       Then place the yoke of the driveshaft on a block of wood and loosen all the cups so that they are coming out the end of the yokes. This will make it easier to get the steel block with the hole in it to align with the cups easier. You can however use the plate instead of wood but it is harder to get it aligned with the cups well.

3.       Place the plate with the hole in it under the yoke and aligned with the cup so the cup can pass through the hole in the plate. Place tool on yoke as shown and hit it with a small sledge or you can put it on a press if you have one. Your tool may differ slightly then the one shown but they all work the same. After the cups are out as far as you can push them slide the U-Joint out.




4.       Once you have one side out then place the tool on the U-Joint and hit it so the cups come out the same way.



 5.       Sometimes you can remove the cup once it is out this far by grabbing it with some vice grips and twisting it. Otherwise you will have to knock it out with a punch or you can hit it out with the end of the tool. I prefer to use a punch. I was lucky and twisted one cup out with pliers and then hit the U-Joint in this manor to get the other cup out the other side. You can use the tool in this manor to install the cups as well.





Be sure you have the new U-Joint inside the cup so the bearings won’t fall out when you are installing the new cups. I like to put some grease on the outside of the new cups before installing then in the yoke. Also be sure to fully pack your new cups with grease before installing them and clean the snap ring groove out. Place the new cup in the yoke being careful not to drop any of the needle bearings out. Slid the new U-Joint inside the cup and while holding the U-Joint in the cup, tap the cup into the yoke till you can put the snap ring on. Put the other cup in the other side as far as you can until you can slide the U-Joint down into it to hold the bearings in. There should be some of the U-Joint in both cups and then you can tap the last cup in and put on the other snap ring. Repeat this on the other yoke and you’re done.

After using the tool you can file or sand the end of it to remove the mushroom effect. The tool is soft so as to not damage the yoke. The spacing is also ideal so as to not push on the end of the yoke so as to possibly damage the snap ring groove. I like to remove all my U-Joints and grease them up at the shop so they come out easier on the trail. Getting stuck cups out is easier to do in your shop or at home and can make quick work on the trail if needed.

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